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When bonded with metals, including stainless steel and aluminum, silicon forms an air tight bond between the two materials that is not likely to contaminate or wear over time. Silicon is also an inert material, meaning it will not react chemically or physically when in contact with any other liquid, solid or gas substance. Read More…

Silicon Bonding Silicon bonding is a method of adhering silicon, a synthetic, rubber-like material to any metal part or product. Silicon is known for its heat resistance, durability and flexibility. It is easily molded into any shape when heated, and once cured, is an excellent sealant material.

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RD Rubber Technology is a custom rubber to metal bonding company that is highly responsive and flexible to customer needs from design, development and prototyping to short run or long run, high volume production. They offer the right tooling, materials and precision tolerance parts for health care, military, aerospace, medical, electronics, food equipment and other high tech fields.

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Chicago, IL  |  800-782-7776

See how Accurate Products can bond natural and synthetic rubber to a wide variety of materials for applications such as tires, gaskets, seals, rolls, hoses, tubes, vibration isolators, shock mounts, electrical components, bumpers, drive wheels, etc. This ISO certified company is highly adept at custom parts, so call today about your rubber to metal bonding.

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Cleveland, OH  |  440-238-3009

For over 30 years, GSH has provided top quality contract manufacturing services, and we strive to remain on the cutting edge of our industry. With our 45,000 square foot facility and over 100 years of combined experience, we are dedicated to providing superior customer services and help you find the right product for your application. For further inquiries, call or visit us online today to see what else we can do for you!

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Trenton, NJ  |  609-394-5245

With more than a century of manufacturing experience, Pierce-Roberts Rubber Co. is your source for custom molded rubber products. We offer a variety of custom rubber molding services, including rubber mixing and formulating, rapid prototyping, molded rubber product design and research, and more. At Pierce-Roberts, customers get a product that matches specifications and service that exceeds expectations. That is our guarantee.

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Trevose, PA  |  215-355-3440

From molding products made of homogeneous rubber, to rubber bonded to metal as well as other various materials. Mason Rubber makes efficient use of state of the art technology to produce a quality product. No matter how small or large your production requirements are, Mason Rubber is able to meet your special needs.

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Rochester Hills, MI  |  248-650-0603

Our economical products are made from high-quality solutions that will last you for many years to come. We are a dependable manufacturer that will work with you every step of the way. Here at Bushings, we pre-test all of our products to ensure your satisfaction. Please give us a call today to learn more information!

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Rootstown, OH  |  330-325-1821

Since 1955, Jet Rubber Company, an Employee Owned Company, has been custom molding rubber and rubber-to-metal components for a variety of industries and applications. As an aggressive manufacturer of molded rubber and rubber-to-metal parts, our reputation has been built upon providing quality products, on time, and at a fair price.

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Silicon is a rubber bonded to metal that is used most often for medical applications in hospitals, operating rooms and doctor offices. They make excellent handles for medical instruments, specifically for those used in surgical situations. When bonded, the spot where the metal and silicon meet have almost no risk of contamination because no substance is able to penetrate the cracks.

Because of its extreme resistance to heat, silicon can withstand regular autoclave sterilization cycles, which is necessary for all reusable medical tools. Silicon bonded metal is also used in blood analysis, in medical machinery and for any use that would require a graspable handle that should also be able to come into contact with human fluid or high heat.

The silicon rubber to metal bonding process is simple, but takes over an hour to fully complete. When bonded with aluminum, a specialty adhesive for longer lasting durability is necessary, but often this bonding process requires no adhesive because silicon is known for its excellent adherent and bonding qualities.

First, the metal part or product is heat treated in an oven between 500° to 600° F for just under an hour. This forms an oxide layer on the metal's outer surface, which turns it a different color. It is allowed to cool and then the metal is coated evenly with a primer. Then, uncured and liquid silicon is filled inside a mold with the exact measurements of the instrument's handle cover.

The metal part is submerged into the silicon rubber composition, which then cures around it. Once cured, the silicon hardens and tightly adheres to the metal component. This process is often done in high volumes to manufacture many silicone bonded products at once. The results are durable, long lasting medical products and instruments ready to handle any application within a hospital setting for years to come.

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